BEST VEGAN Superfood Protein Powder 500g (Strawberry & Banana)

Atlhetica BEST Vegan全素超級食物蛋白粉(士多啤梨香蕉)


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Atlhetica BEST Vegan全素超級食物蛋白粉(士多啤梨香蕉)

Atlhetica Nutrition® 是巴西市場佔有率第一的營養品牌,有超過20年對品質的堅持及不斷創新的精神,屢獲殊榮,更得到廣大消費者認同及支持。生產不同系列的營養產品,持續按照巴西國家健康標準指引(ANVISA)及最佳生產規範(BMP)運作, 是質量及信心的保證, 領導市場,實至名歸。
包裝規格: 500克/桶
得獎:創新大獎2019, Food Ingredients South America
.來自於超級食物整全蛋白,如奇亞籽、 藜麥、糙米、豌豆等
.無糖、無麩質、無反式脂肪、無乳糖、無大豆、無膽固醇、無葡萄糖、 無人造甜味劑
認證:非基因改造生物計劃認證 食用方法:35克(2計量勺)一天,植物來源可能含有顆粒。 搖搖杯:在搖搖杯中加35克(2個劑量勺)此產品和200毫升的水或植物奶混合。 攪拌機:在攪拌機中加35克(2個劑量勺)此產品和200毫升的飲料混合攪拌(你喜歡的飲料) 混合食法:35克(2個劑量勺)的此產品與燕麥片,植物奶或者你喜歡的食物混搭。
儲存方法:打開包裝前後,密封,放入陰涼乾燥處,避免陽光直射,使用後請立即把瓶子蓋住。 成分:豌豆分離蛋白,濃縮大米蛋白,濃縮蛋白來自於南瓜籽,奇亞籽蛋白,蘋果粉,椰粉,藜麥粉,莧菜粉,食鹽,維他命B12(甲基鈷胺),阿拉伯膠, 調味劑,紅菜頭粉,甜菊。

BEST VEGAN Superfood Protein Powder 500g
(Strawberry & Banana)

Atlhetica Nutrition® is the No. 1 nutrition brand in Brazil . Award-winning products include various categories of supplements (energy, proteins, electrolytes and functional, among others).They are manufactured according to the norms established by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and Best Manufacturing Practices (BMP), providing the quality, well-being and efficiency that consumers so desire. For over 20 years, Atlhetica Nutrition® is synonymous with tradition and quality.
Place of Origin:Brazil
Specification: 500g/bottle
Award: 2019 Innovation Awards, Food Ingredients South America
Main Functions:
.Blend of Superfoods including chia seed and quinoa, in delicious flavours and perfect creaminess
.Each portion provides 20g of complete proteins, dietary fibers and 100% of daily Vitamin B12, in its active form, Methylcobalamin
.Sugar-free, Gluten-free, Transfat-free, Lactose-free, Soy-free, Cholesterol-free, No Fructose, No Glucose
.Low calorie (140-163 kcal only) and free of artificial sweeteners
Certification:Non-GMO project verified
Directions:35g (2 measured dosers) once a day. Because it is a vegetable food, it can contain granules. Blender: Add to the blender 35g (2 measured dosers) of BEST VEGAN® + 200 ml of water or plant-based milk and shake Mixer: Add in your mixer 35g (2 measured dosers) of BEST VEGAN® + 200 ml of beverage of your choice. Other methods : 35g (2 measured dosers) of BEST VEGAN® to mix with Oatmeal,Rice Milk or your favorite food.
Suitable For:Children from 3 years old, teenager, elderly, athletes, physical activity practitioners and healthy adults. People with sickness and/or special needs should be guided by a Nutritionist and/or Doctor for consumption.
Storage:Before and after opening the package, keep it out of the sunlight, in a cool and dry place. Avoid moisture, close the bottle immediately after use.
Ingredients:BEST VEGAN BLEND FORMULA (Pea Protein Isolate, Rice Protein Concentrated, Concentrated Protein from Pumpkin Seed, Chia Protein), Apple Pulp in Powder, Coconut Milk Powder, Quinoa Powder, Amaranth Powder, Salt, Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) , Gum Arabic, Flavour, Beet Powder Beetroot Red (colour) and Stevia. Important note: Pregnant and children under three years old, only should consume this product under nutritionist or medical advice.