BEST WHEY ISO 分離+水解蛋白粉(三色雪糕)
BEST WHEY ISO 分離+水解蛋白粉(三色雪糕)白蛋粉簡介

BEST WHEY ISO 分離+水解蛋白粉(三色雪糕)

BEST WHEY ISO 分離+水解蛋白粉(三色雪糕)



Atlhetica Nutrition® 是巴西市場佔有率第一的營養品牌,有超過20年對品質的堅持及不斷創新的精神,屢獲殊榮,更得到廣大消費者認同及支持。生產不同系列的營養產品,持續按照巴西國家健康標準指引(ANVISA)及最佳生產規範(BMP)運作, 是質量及信心的保證, 領導市場,實至名歸。


.BCAAs(支鏈胺基酸) 每份含4610 mg,能達到高效吸收,消脂增肌

Atlhetica Nutrition® is the No. 1 nutrition brand in Brazil . Award-winning products include various categories of supplements (energy, proteins, electrolytes and functional, among others).They are manufactured according to the norms established by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and Best Manufacturing Practices (BMP), providing the quality, well-being and efficiency that consumers so desire. For over 20 years, Atlhetica Nutrition® is synonymous with tradition and quality. 
Place of Origin:Brazil 
Award: Selected the Best Brazilian Protein (2018 & 2019) 
Specification: 27g/pc 
Main Functions:
.BEST WHEY adopts advanced micro and ultra-filtration technology and formula to blend, Whey Protein Isolated (WPI) and Whey Protein Hydrolysed (WPH)
.BCAA 4610mg per serving to enhance quick absorption, fat burning, and lean muscle building
.Provide 20 grams of premium protein per serving at a low calorie level of around 92
.It is Sugar-free, Gluten-free and Transfat-free
.It has scientific pursuit to facilitate your lean muscle growth, optimize training recovery, and build immediate and sustainable muscle protein synthesis
.BEST WHEY has choice of different flavours and it mixes perfectly to make the most delicious protein shake, smoothie, cookies and any snacks up to your creativity 
Directions:Prepare 1 sachet of BEST WHEY® before and after training or as directed by a utritionist or Physician. 
Blender: Add to the blender 1 sachet of BEST WHEY® 200ml of water or plant-based milk and shake 
Mixer: add to the mixer 1 sachet of BEST WHEY® + 200 ml with beverage of your choice. Other methods: 1 sachet of BEST WHEY® Add 200ml water / plus LIFE organic powdered rice milk and freeze-dried fruits to mix it and enjoy.. 
Suitable For:teenager, elderly, athletes, physical activity practitioners and healthy adults. People with sickness and/or special needs should be guided by a Nutritionist and/or Doctor for consumption. 
Storage:Keep it out of the sunlight, in a cool and dry place. Avoid moisture. 
Ingredients: BEST WHEY ISO FORMULA (Whey Protein Isolated and Hydrolyzed), Cocoa Powder, Espessante Goma Xantana, Aromatizantes Natural de Baunilha, Flavors (Identical to Natural Chocolate, Identical to Natural Strawberry and Artificial Caramel Vanilla) and Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium 
Important note:This product does not replace a balanced food and your consumption must be oriented by nutritionist or doctor. This is not a food with reduced energy value. Allergens: this product may contain milk, soy and lactose.