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F&B Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil




健康食油系列 – 斯里蘭卡有機冷壓初榨椰子油
產地: 斯里蘭卡
淨重: 40毫升
包裝: 40毫升/瓶
簡介: 從成熟椰子中使用冷壓方式提取的有機食用油,無任何化學物質以及添加劑和防腐劑,
可進行高達180 °C的煮食,讓你食得安心又放心。用冷壓方法去提取椰子油能大大保
益處: 有機椰子油含中什鏈脂肪酸, 有助於燃燒卡路里, 保持良好的膽固醇水平並且不容易發胖, 
天然抗生素, 抗微生物, 增進甲狀腺功能, 抗年老代功能, 改善眼睛健康, 保濕, 護膚, 護髮,
消腫止痛, 可作按摩油使用。
認證/獎項: 美國USDA, 歐盟EU, 日本JAS, 加拿大Kosher
食用方法: 有機調味料, 健康沙拉油, 適用於中/低溫加熱煮食或涼拌
貯存方法: 避免放在高溫及潮濕地方

100% Pure Organic Coconut 
Place of Origin Sri Lanka 
Ingredients100% Virgin Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil
Main Functions Organic virgin coconut oil from Sri Lanka is extracted from coconut kerenel by cold pressing. The use of cold-pressing methods can significantly preserve the high nutritional value and aroma of coconuts and can be cooked up to 180 °C, which is the best choice for a healthy life. Organic coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids that help burn calories, maintain good cholesterol levels, and are not prone to gain weight. No preservatives/additives No added preservatives or additives, enjoy with peace of mind. Special FeatureNo Preservatives, No Additives, Cholesterol Free
CertificationUSDA Organic, JAS, EU-Eco-Regulation, Fair Trade Certified™ 
DirectionsOrganic seasoning, Healthy salad dressing, Cooking oil, Oil pulling for healthy detoxification, teeth whitening and oral hygiene. 
Suitable ForThe Majority of the people 
StorageKeep away from direct sunlight. Storage at room temperature