Peru Organic Tricolor Quinoa



產地: 秘魯
組成: 金色、紅色、黑色3種藜麥混合而成
淨重: 800克
包裝:  800克/包
簡介: 藜麥是全谷全營養完全蛋白鹼性食物,胚乳占種子的68%,且具有營養活性,蛋白質含量高達16%-22%(牛肉20%),品質與奶粉及肉類相當,富含多種氨基酸,其中有人體必需的全部9種必需氨基酸,比例適當且易於吸收,尤其含豐富植物中缺乏的賴氨酸、鈣、鎂、磷、鉀、鐵、鋅、硒、錳、銅等礦物質營養含量高,含豐富不飽和脂肪酸、類黃酮、B族維生素和維生素E、膽堿、甜菜堿、葉酸、α-亞麻酸、β-葡聚糖等多種有益化合物,膳食纖維素含量高達7.1%,膽固醇為 0,不含麩質,低脂,低熱量(305kcal/100g),低升糖(GI升糖值35,低升糖標準為55),幾乎都是常見食物裏最優秀的。 
美國太空總署(NASA)及聯合國糧農組織(FAO)硏究認為藜麥是唯一一種單體植物可滿足人體 基本營養需求, 正式推薦藜麥為最適宜人類的完美營養食品, 列為全球10大營養食品之一。
成份: 100%有機藜麥
益處: 藜麥屬於易熟易消化食品,口感獨特,有淡淡的堅果清香或者人參香,具有均衡補充營養、增強機體功能、修復體質、調節免疫和內分泌、提高機體應激能力、預防疾病、抗癌、減肥、輔助治療等功效。
適用: 大部份群體食用,尤其適於高血糖、高血壓、高血脂、心臟病等慢性病,以及嬰幼兒、孕產婦、兒童、學生、老年人、素食者等特殊體質和生活不規律人群。長期食用,效果顯著。
金色藜麥蛋白質豐富, 紅色藜麥礦物質豐富, 黑色藜麥含豐富花青素 質感較硬, 有助預防癌症, 具抗氧化等, 對於關注健康的成年人及素食者都非常合適食用。
份量: 每次用45克(每人約3湯匙), 如與粗糧同煮, 建議藜麥份量比例是1:1為佳。
食用: 簡易法: 將藜麥放入滾水煮10-15分鐘, 然後蓋上蓋焗5分鐘, 待藜麥爆開便可食用。
混合法: 先將藜麥浸泡, 可用1:1.5或1:2(按個人需求調節)水份可與白米或粗糧同煮。
食法: 藜麥除可作主食外, 亦可做沙律, 薄餅, 麵包, 或加入飲品、粥品、湯水等各式各樣美食。
貯存: 避免放在高溫及潮濕地方和有陽光直接照射地方。

According to NASA & FAO, Quinoa is the only monomer plant that can meet the body’s basic 
Nutritional needs food. It is aslo classified as one of the topten most nutritious and healthy food in 
the world.
Main Ingredients
Quinoa is considered a healthy food because it is a good source if many nutrients – Quinoa is alkaline, Gluten-free, provides rich protein, amino acid, omera 3, vitamin E, B, unsaturated fatty acid, it is also a good source of minerals such as anganese, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, Phosphorus etc.. It is low in sodium, protein, fat, calorie, glycemic index (GI) and has zero cholesterol. It is easy to digest as it contains insoluble fibers.
Health Benefits
• Lower the level of blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol and cholester. It helps to maintain joint, cardiovascular system and blood sugar level.
• Quinoa can help with digestion as it contains rich of insoluble fibers which are widely known for relieving constipation. Qninoa is gluten-free food that is suitable for people who suffer from celiac disease and gastrointestinal allergies.
• Help to protect against cancer, osteoporosis. It is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory food.
• Quinoa is weight loss friendly food-low sodium, low sodium, low fat, lowGI and zero-calorie that is safe for diabetics and pregnant and helpful for people who are trying to losing weights.
• Quinoa can help the creation of red blood cells, promote healthy cell growth and maintain strong nails. It also helps pregnant women anemia recovery, prevent from postpartum hemorrhage and improves the Quality of breast maik and weight loss after childbirth.
Types of Quinoa
Golden Quinoa: It is fluffy with a distinctive sweet flavor; high in insoluble fibers can help to maintain and Improve bowel-related health problems. It is fit for long-term consumption for kids and seniors.
 Red Quinoa: Crunchy texture, it helps boly to create red blood cells, promote healthy cell 
growth and maintain stron nails, suitable for ladies, pregnant women and people who are losing 
Tri-color Quinoa: Crunchy texture. It helps to reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular,
 prevent skin Aging and inflammatory. It is suitable for long-term consumption for 
everyone especially vegetarians.Literally, every quinoa shares similar benefits. They are all 
nutrient-rich food which is suitable for everyone.
How to enjoy Peruvian quinoa edible product in simple ways Eat: Easy : method: Put quinoa in boiling water and cook for 10-15 minutes, then cover and bake for 5 minutes, wait for quinoa to burst and serve.
Mixing method ;  First soak quinoa, use 1:1.5 or 1:2 (adjust according to personal needs), water can be cooked with white rice or whole grains.
How to eat:  In addition to being a staple food, quinoa can also be used for salads, crepes, bread, or to add drinks, porridge, soup, and other foods.
Storage: Avoid places with high temperature and humidity and places with direct sunlight.